Take Charge of your Health


Take Charge is a Care Transitions collaborative led by CVACL, Inc. and Centra Health, Inc. that works with Medicare beneficiaries who have recently been discharged from a Centra hospital and are at high risk for readmission due to chronic diseases or a history of repeat admissions. Take Charge is designed to improve the continuity of care for individuals across different health care settings and to ensure that each transfer goes smoothly.

After the initial home visit, beneficiaries receive a series of follow up telephone reassurance calls for 30 days to ensure their transition home is going smoothly.

Take Charge services include:

Unlike any other service you will receive after discharge from the hospital, the Take Charge health coach supports you and your caregiver to be better prepared to take care of your health conditions and allow you to fulfill your choice to live independently in your home.


Caregiver Testimonials