Legal Aid Services

CVACL helps provide individual access and support when there is a need to deal with Civil (not criminal) matters in the Legal System. This program supports persons 60 years of age and older who cannot afford private legal counsel. Special consideration is given to support those in the greatest economic or social need. Other factors considered for qualification include individuals who are at-risk for institutional placement or residents of long term facilities; or those with limited English proficiency; or individuals residing in rural or geographically isolated areas.

Public information / education, training and group presentations are provided at CVACL Congregate Centers. The purpose of this Legal Aid education is to increase our elder community knowledge and awareness of legal issues and to protect the rights of older individuals in our communities.

We also interface with Virginia Legal Aid Society as a resource for our local area residents who for example, may need a simple Will or Power of Attorney. VLAS also helps provide legal aid to those who face the loss of a critical need such as personal safety, income, housing, medical benefits, education or family stability.