Bring Home the Bacon for Senior Meals” fundraiser

CVACL is looking for partnerships with area schools, churches, and community groups in an effort to raise funds for senior meals. A little change can make a big change in the life of an area senior, and 100% of the red piggy proceeds goes directly to the senior meals program. If you are interested in taking a pig to your office, home, church, or other location,  please contact our office at 434-385-9070.

Honor and Memorial Wall

CVACL offers an opportunity for individuals, groups, families, clubs and organizations to honor / memorialize someone special. For a donation of $200 or more, you may designate someone to memorialize or honor with a plaque on our Memory/Honor Wall. The individual, group, family, club or organization purchasing the plaque will also be leaving a legacy of their concern for that person. Equally important is the realization that the funds raised in this project will go toward programs such as meals, transportation and in-home services that are essential to the senior citizens served by the agency. 

Cookbooks Available

Purchase of the cookbook helps support the programs of CVACL, Inc. that has been serving the needs of senior citizens in the local area since 1975. It contains local history, art work and helpful tips on cooking and nutrition. Get it today for $14 each.

We also have another cookbook called “Irene Lewis Campbell Café Cookbook”. This cookbook is honoring Ms. Irene Lewis who passed away in December 2014 at 109 years old. Funds raised from the sale will go to the Campbell Café site. Cookbooks are $5.00 each.