Caregiver Testimonial

My mother had a heart attack and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and diabetes. After a month in the hospital and rehab she was released back to her family and home with no idea on how to care for her.

We were overwhelmed by the medications she had to take and when she had to take them. It was very confusing. Stroobants Heart Center recommended a program called “Take Charge”. Our Health Coach contacted us and told us how she could be of help. She recommended that we get our medicine bubble packed which we did. She contacted the drug store and got everything set-up. It made it so much easier and accurate. Also she set us up with home monitoring. Checking her oxygen, blood pressure and weight. She was also a big help in communicating with our heart doctor to get my Mother back on track. Also educated/ coached us on her diet and what not to eat. Now my Mother has a good quality of life. As a caregiver, I am now able to manage my mother’s health care needs. We are very thankful for this program and our health coach.